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Housing Development

8th February 2020

Housing Development

Hi All,

Apologies if you are 'hearing' this for the second, and maybe third time but just to fill you in on the outcome of the planning meeting which Dave Dixon, JT and myself (along with a few local residents) attend last night at Gravesend Civic Centre.

The meeting dealt with the two applications which impact upon Kipling Hall

The first was for 6 one bed, adapted properties on the Constable Road open space plus one bungalow on the corner opposite.

After some debate and two votes consent was given for the project on a split decision decided by the casting vote of the chair.

Obviously this isn't the outcome the 80+ objectors wanted, despite the best efforts of the councillors who spoke against it.

There are also some anomalies in the plans, especially the terraced rear gardens which has step access for wheelchair users! Also a rather large wall (1.8m high) to the rear of the development which will make a very nice 'free running' obstacle. We considered asking for hand holds to be installed to make it a nice climbing wall but decided on the balance of sensibility that this wasn't likely to be a good idea.

How happy the new residents will be, once it is eventually built, when our parents park outside their houses on a regular basis is one for them to worry about in the future.

Still there will be a nice new playground on the upper elevation of the green space, and new trees planted on a 2 for 1 basis. Somehow or another we've got 'volunteered' to help with the planting, though how remains open to debate given that they want semi-mature trees and not saplings. Anyone want to dig some rather large holes?

The second application was for the bungalow at the end of the drive.

This became something of a fait accompli once the planning office announced it wasn't supporting the application. Another development was that they agreed to move the rear wall of the property to make our access easier. Had we known that beforehand we could have saved ourselves an evening, albeit an informative one.

We were allowed to speak ion opposition to the plan and once our 3 minutes of fame was over faced questions from the councillors.

The vote went ahead and the outcome was an overwhelming majority in favour of rejecting the application.

On a positive note the council did show some pictures of the rather muddy entrance to the drive and agreed, once we had determined which puddle was to be the boundary, to widen the dropped kerb and concrete. We'll keep reminding them but have to assume this will form part of the works of the other project.

So another bit of green space goes under concrete, and trees are felled. Good to see the council displaying their 'Green' credentials. Where's Greta when you need her!

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