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5th Northfleet Scout Group

Leader Challenges Cubs

27th February 2019

Leader Challenges Cubs

We meet at the scout Hall at 0830 there was me, Seb, Tommy and Andy and Jack.

I love walking so was really excited. We got in the minibus and drove to Chilham. We used our map to find a level crossing and that's where our hike began.

We walked past an old church and started alongside the stour River. We saw some nature along the way like mole hills, sheep and a variety of birds. After we stopped to have a snack and then continued our walk.

We went over and under bridges and played 'pooh sticks' on the water. We walked over flat and bumpy ground.

Finally we arrived in Canterbury (at that point we were moaning as we needed the toilet) we arrived at Canterbury train station and went to the toilet/caught the train back to Chilham and got the minibus back to the hall.

My fit it said I had walked 22000 steps and walked 11.27 km. I reckon I could of walked more!

We had a great day and I would definitely do it again!

By Rhys Tadhunter 

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