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5th Northfleet Scout Group

Wild at Wingham

13th October 2018

Wild at Wingham

On Saturday, us Beavers went to Wingham Wildlife Park. We met at 8:30 and we all felt tremendously excited. The journey down wasn't busy and we arrived quickly. Once there, we first saw European wolves then went on to look at the flamingo enclosure - two of which, had a bit of a fight. From there, the otters weren't swimming to the top of the water so we walked on to the reptile house where we saw crocodiles and lizards.
Next, we visited the reindeer and its bloodied antlers - a natural process of the time of the year. On we went to see the penguins who had different coloured tags to show who they were.

After we saw the funny parrots we had a picnic lunch in the sunshine.
We also saw porcupines, lions, tigers, tapirs and the slow, dangly sloth.

My highlight(?) was a lemur who jumped on my head.

Thanks to Tic Tac for organising and everyone else who helped by taking and looking after us.

Sebastian, 7

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