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5th Northfleet Scout Group

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13th March 2020

Housing Development
8th February 2020

Cub five a side
26th June 2019

Leader Challenges Cubs
27th February 2019

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Scout - District Hike **CANCELLED**
25th - 27th September 2020

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Who's Who?

These are the faces of the front line adult members that you will see at our usual meetings/events.

Group Scout Leader (GSL) - Andrew Treadwell 'Andy'

As Group Scout Leader it is my responsibility to see that all sections of the Group are working correctly and that we have the necessary Leaders in place to ensure a safe and friendly environment for our young people.

My personal association with the 5th Northfleet goes back to my time as a Scout, having previously been a Cub at 4th Gravesend, though I think I'm forgiven for that now. I've had a great time in Scouting and have enjoyed many a camp and activity with lots of young people over the years. Nothing gives more pleasure than to bump into someone in the street who remembers me and for them to say what a good time they had with the 5th.


Beaver Scout Leader (BSL) - Karen Treadwell 'Tic Tac'


Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ABSL) - Tina Danbury 'Rusty'


Section Aassistant - Jane Dixon ‘Rainbow’


Assistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL) - Alan McPherson


Section Aassistant - Carole Perry


Scout Leader (SL) - Steve Costin


Assistant Scout Leader (ASL, Webmaster) - James Treadwell 'JT'

Born into Scouting James really didn't have much choice of whether to join Scouts or not, it was more of a when. joined. Beavers at the age of 6 he progressed through Cubs, Scouts and Explorers where he became a Young Leader (YL). After his 18th Birthday he still continued to help out at 5th Northfleet by becoming an ASL. To go with the ASL title he helps out at the local scout campsite mainly as a forester but looks after the site what ever job needs doing.


Assistant Scout Leader (ASL) - Adam Freeman 'Fluff'


Assistant Scout Leader (ASL) - James Dixon