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5th Northfleet Scout Group

Our Fundraising

Our fundraising at 5th Northfleet takes on a few different forms in order to help sustain our assets and help give not just our young people but also other Scout groups across the District and County the best possible experience. This in turn helps us to help out the local community and other charitable organisations in even more different ways both directly and indirectly. 

Our current fundraising aim(s):-

Your money will help 5th Northfleet, other Scout, Guide and social/community groups that utilise our property and equipment. This years fundraising will go towards helping the group through the tough times we are all experiencing as well as help pay towards some of the improvements (decorating and outside fire pit refurbishments) that have taken place while the group and our other users havent been able to meet.

Click on images for more info regarding the charities involved.

Natural Christmas trees - our own fundrasing and The Happy Pants Ranch animal sanctuary & rescue


Green milk bottle tops (semi-skimmed) that we pass on to another charity.


Old used stamps - Kent Association for the Blind


Crisp packets - Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance


Aluminium drinks cans - our own fundraising


Metal food cans - our own fundraising


Latest news

Defibrillator installed
24th February 2023

Quiz Night
19th February 2023

Collect My Xmas Tree
9th January 2023

Car Parking - Christmas
21st November 2022

Upcoming events

alpaca Farm - Cubs
1st August 2024