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5th Northfleet Scout Group

Y.L & Adults 18+

Y.L (Young Leaders)

Our Young Leaders are the Leaders of tomorrow. Aged between 14 and 18 some provide their time freely (like those over 18), some are carrying out the 'Service' section of the D of E award, Guides carrying out a service award are also welcomed and some are Explorers looking to carry on their enjoyment planning to become a fully fledged adult leader in the future. For those who are either with Explorers or a Invested member of 5th Northfleet there is a award that shows they have completed their Y.L training and 4 challenges, you even get a belt. Some provide help in more than one section and sometime at more than one group.

Quite often given responsibility to organise games or run a particular part of a meeting/event they gain those vital interpersonal and managerial skills that help towards getting that first job. Just like the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, Y.L's can take part in the activities that are organised.

Adults 18+

Scouting is not just for the 'Kids' (Young People in Scouting) but its also for those of us who are slightly older. Without us the Scouting movement would not exist. Being an adult in Scouting takes on many different roles, from being there for the '2 hours a week', every so often, to those behind the scenes whose unseen roles are just as important. If you've got a job that has a set of specific skills (i.e. electrical, building, finance, publicity) that can not just help the group grow but also Scouting as a whole. Passing on those skills to the members of the group or fixing a part of the building/campsite to help make the facilities better. Even if you don't need any specific skills all that we ask is that you just have the energy and drive to provide a great time.


Its not just all about what you put in, its just as much what you get out of it!! If you're not having fun in what you do, then you can almost gaurentee the Young People won't. As a Leader you get to do most of the same activities as you will need to be there so why not take that opportunity to try that something new as well. You can even get qualifications that can be used outside of Scouting such as First Aid, Minibus (MIDAS), Chainsaw, Climbing, Shooting. These are all national qualifications that could be used to help further YOUR career. Even Just providing those '2 hours a week' looks great on your CV.

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